I would not be where I am today without the support of my sponsors. The financial backing I have received from different companies and individuals over the years has gone a long way in helping me realise my dream of being the best in the world. The money has allowed me to travel for tournaments abroad and move to train in Leeds, UK under Malcolm Willstrop amongst other things. I am deeply indebted to all the people who have helped me out in the past and are supporting me today. Hopefully one day I can make all their efforts worthwhile!.
Punj Lloyd is my primary sponsor and I am deeply indebted to them for supporting me in a big way. I hope my association with them continues for many more years to come and that they support me through my journey towards becoming the best squash player in the world.
Veedol has supported me for a few years now and I am very thankful that they decided to back me even when I wasn’t the player I am today! I look forward to continuing this relationship, which dates back many years.
Prince is my racquet sponsor. I feel fortunate to play with the best racquet in the world and am extremely proud to be part of the worldwide “Prince Team”.
Nike is my apparel sponsor and I am extremely proud to be a Nike athlete.
The Indian Sports Ministry has supported me on different occasions over the last 2 years in preparation for the Commonwealth Games 2010. I hope the Indian government continues to support me even beyond 2010!
Saurav Ghosal

Saurav Ghosal - Professional Squash Player